MTU Campus Buildings

Here are photos of the various buildings around campus. A lot of them are now gone as should be expected after 40+ years of growth.


West Wadsworth Hall - March 1, 1968.
It was a nice spring day in May of 1968 when I wandered around the campus shooting Kodachrome slide film with a Miranda "G" camera. Here is looking towards the new chemistry building.
Cruising down US41, before it was relocated. May 1968.
Sperr Hall. May 1968.
Hubble Hall....too bad it couldn't have been saved. May 1968.
Koenig Hall. May 1968.
Koenig Hall. May 1968.
This is the ROTC building - and may still be used by them. May 1968.
Old administration it still standing? May 1968.
Denton House (?). May 1968.
Someone was determined to grow flowers in the frozen wasteland of the north.... May 1968.
Another view of the flowers. May 1968.
Spring has sprung and the toots are enjoying the nice weather. May of 1968.
Check out all of the classic automobiles in the parking lot...May 1968.
Looking towards Hancock. One can see the Quincy & Torch Lake Railway cars up on the ridge. May 1968.
A nighttime photo of Wadsworth Hall. May 1968.
Another time exposure of Wadsworth. May 1968.
Another long cold Keweenaw Winter is coming fast. Taken from Room 315 East Wadsworth. October of 1968.
During Winter Carnival 1969 this tanker truck lost control on the slick road and jack knifed. February 1969.
The front end loader is getting the truck straightened out and ready to be towed away. February 1969.
It is well into March before the white fungus is finally melting away. March 1969.
April of 1969 - start of the US41 relocation (I still think this was a BIG mistake on the part of the state and the school).
A month later and work is well underway. May 1969.
The Keweenaw is finally showing some green plants! May 1969.
New pavement is in place as a cold north wind brings on winter. October 1969.
November of 1969. Note the skull & crossbones on the US41 sign....I am not the only one who hated this relocation!
Co-Ed Hall. November 1969.
Another view of Death Road 41.
West Wadsworth Hall. November 1969.
Looking down where US41 used to be. November 1969.
Taken from Room 439 East Wadsworth. November 1969.
The next few slides show the ME-EM building under construction. November 15, 1969.
ME-EM building under construction. November 15, 1969.
ME-EM building under construction. November 15, 1969.
ME-EM building under construction. November 15, 1969.
ME-EM building under construction. November 15, 1969. Taken from one of the upper floors of Doc Berry's "Grain Elevator".
Taken from across the river near Ripley of the ME-EM building May 1, 1970.
A bright clear winter day - taken from 439 East Wadsworth Hall. February 5, 1970.
I don't remember if this was from a broken waterline or maybe a bit of a early spring thaw. I still remember the truck driver stopping, downshifting and then charging ahead. February 1971.
 Not really ramming speed, but it would take more than some water to stop this truck. February 1971.
 Lots of wheels churning through that muddy water.... February 1971.
 Remember these big ol' tanks built in Detroit? February 1971.
A nice early spring sunset taken from Room 439 EWH April of 1971.
A year later the EM-ME building appears to be nearly finished. May 1,1971.
The ME-EM building. The sign is different than shown in one of the above photos. May 1, 1971.
Hotchkess was just a nice clear late spring afternoon - note the open area where Sperr Hall once stood. May 1, 1971.

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