Dorm Fun!

Here are photos of us having some fun in the dorms - those long cold winter months can get to one at times...

Here are some of us in Room 310 EWH (Sleepy Hollow House) pretending to be studying....;). Later on we all made a tape recording of us beating on our chests .. aka "Thunder Ribs" and I think that tape is still around here somewhere. September of 1967.
My freshman year roommate was Larry he is posing for a photo to send to his girlfriend. December of 1967.
Here are Dave Gothard and Jerry Lui in their ROTC uniforms. December of 1967.
There is a reason why some of the guys called me "Chooch" - and yes, I still have the railroad models, the reel-to-reel tapes, and some of the books. Room 310 EWH - December 1967.
Here my roommate Larry Spencer and his girlfriend Laura are surrounded by some of the other guys giving Larry and Laura a hard time. Jerry Lui, Larry Spencer, Laura, Mike Harris and Wayne Hutson. February 1968.
One day someone in the room above mine dangled this radio on a fishing line outside the window and I grabbed it! It didn't work, so I decided to make some "modern art" out of it. In other words, I was bored. May of 1968.
Here is the Sleepy Hollow House Party in May of 1968. Near Redridge as I recall.
Left to right as I remember: Tom Forbes, Frank Traczyk, ?, Jack Simpson, Richard Eddy, Gene Dworzanski, ?,  Al Jensen and Larry Spencer.
No, this is not the moon, but rather looking up the inside of a large smoke stack from one of the abandoned copper smelters! May 1968.
See no evil, Speak no Evil, Hear no Evil! Jerry Lui, Owen Goodman, and Wayne Hutson. October of 1968.
 And then it was beat up on the RA.....Owen Goodman is barely visible as Wayne and Jerry show him who is boss. October 1968.
 For whatever reason Steve "Felch" Dennocenzo was being brainwashed by Henry Schuyten, Owen Goodman, Jerry Lui and Wayne Hutson. October 1968. Steve is from the small Upper Michigan town of Felch.
Steve "Felch" Dennocenzo and Owen Goodman goofing around. October 1968.
October of 1968 - Another Sleepy Hollow House Party. I don't remember too many of the names....anyone know?
Here Bob Gammicchia is demonstrating his balancing techniques at the House Party. October 1968.
More toys in my room....this year it was 315 EWH. October 1968.
Here Terry Szczepanski is pointing to a map of Leavenworth, Kansas - did someone get out of line?? March 1969.
Men at Work. Here Mike Engestrom, Henry Schuyten and Phil Cartwright are "adjusting" things. March of 1969.
Mike Engestrom and Phil Cartright - March 1969.
All tired out now after all of that hard "work"....Mike Engestrom and Phil Cartright. March 1969.
Dan Brandt is being "forced" to "appreciate" the Copper Country by Mike Engestrom while Mike Madsen watches. March of 1969.
Dave Heinz is getting ready to launch his model airplane on a pleasant fall afternoon. September 1970.
Henry Schuyten is working on another model airplane. September 1970.
Here Glen Johns and Dave McLaughlin are taking aim on the poor old photographer! May of 1971. This led to the photo below. (Glen passed away some time ago now.....).
Myself on the left and Dave McLaughlin are blasting away with water pistols. I do remember the custodians not being overly amused when this escalated with wastebaskets full of water being dumped all over and soaking the carpeting. May of 1971.
Glen was never shy about expressing his opinions! Here he is listening to my old vacuum tube powered stereo amp, which I wish I still had. May 8, 1971.
Henry spent a lot of time building this tri-plane during the winter of 1970-1971. May 8, 1971.
More of my toys - Room G23 EWH May of 1971. I still have the QSL cards and the Sony tape deck, which is still working just fine. I sold the Eico amplifier and AR turntable a long time ago now.
Dave McLaughlin, Henry Schuyten and Glen Johns are having a good time - October 1971. ....99 bottles of Bosch on the wall, 99 bottles of Bosch....
A few more bottles of Bosch have been consumed......74 bottles of Bosch on the wall.....
and a few more.....41 bottles of Bosch....
That's about it - looks like enough alcohol has been used.....14 bottles still left....

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