Menominee, Michigan and Marinette, Wisconsin area Photos

I grew up in Menominee, Michigan in the late '60's and while most of my photography was of the area's railroads, I did shoot a few frames of Kodachrome II around town. Any corrections or additions to the photo information is more than welcome - thanks!

I am still going through my old slides, as well as those taken by my Mom and Grandfather. As I find good photos to scan, I'll add them to this page.

On July 18, 1964 Marinette Marine launched the AGOR 9 ocean research boat into the Menominee River. Here is just before the launch...
...and then it makes a big splash as it hits the water. July 18, 1964. This ship was known as the Thomas G. Thompson and served many years in various research projects before it was sunk November 14, 2004 as part of a NATO exercise.
A nice lazy summer morning off the shore of Menominee. August 1964.
Menominee Marina - August 1964.
Scott Paper Mill - August 1964.
Reimer's Marina - Marinette, Wisconsin - August 1964.
The lower swing bridge between Menominee, Michigan and Marinette, Wisconsin near the mouth of the Menominee River. August 1964.
Looking out from my bedroom window of the house I grew up in at 608 18th Avenue in Menominee at US 41 during a late season snowstorm. March 1965.
Looking towards the neighbor's house. March 1965.
After the snow has stopped there is a lot of shoveling to be done now! Looking towards 18th Ave from the rear of the house. March 1965.
Here is the freighter "Sylvania" turning herself around near the Ansul Company dock in the Menominee River. August 1965.
The rudder is hard over as she makes a 180 degree turn. August 1965.
Somebody's boat exploded and/or burnt near the river in August of 1965.
Here is my grandfather's house at Hayward Bay, north of Menominee on the shore of Green Bay. It was a very nice place to live...
The old Hotel Marinette shown here December 11, 1966.
The north side of Hotel Marinette - December 11, 1966.
This is (was) the Leisen & Henes Brewery (at the time of this photo it was the Menominee-Marinette Brewing Company) in Menominee. Little did I know that when I took this photo just a few days later the place would burst into flame! The 4 photos of the place before, during and after the fire were all shot on the same roll of Kodachrome II film.....strange coincidence I think. This photo taken December 11, 1966.
A couple of weeks later a fire started in the wooden part of the structure and it was burning quite fast with the wind whipping in off the bay. December 28, 1966.
The wind is blowing the flames quite high into the air by now....December 28, 1966.
A few days later this is what was left of the place. January 1, 1967.
Later on the brewery was demolished and (I think) some condo's were built on the site. May 7, 1967.
The Ansul Company Headquarters Building in Marinette July 25, 1967.
This is WMAM Radio Station in Marinette, Wisconsin. July 25, 1967.
Looking west from the Marinette side of the river towards Menominee - July 1967.
In August 1967 the old Menominee Sugar Beet Company building caught fire and was a total loss (it has been abandoned for many years by this time). Photo taken from the Ansul Company dock in Marinette, Wisconsin on Kodachrome II film.
The old Fox Theater in Marinette started falling apart in the summer of 1967 and here in September the wall has bowed out a lot and some of the decorative cement work has fallen off.
Here is the house I grew up in - 608 18th Avenue. If I remember right, it was built by the J.W. Wells Lumber Company as a demonstration house showing how hardwood could be used everywhere. August 1969.
The US 41 bridge across the Menominee River was rebuilt during the summer of 1970. This photo taken July 1970.
The Ansul Company plane at Green Bay, Wisconsin in August of 1971.
I am not sure what this was supposed to be all about, but it looks like one of the local radio station's promo cars got all trashed out and was then left to rot! Marinette, Wisconsin - January 1972.


All photos on this page are 1964 - 2011 by Ted Ellis. All Rights Reserved.

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