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At the present time we are using a 1.4 Ghz computer with 512 Megs of RAM, 520 GBytes of hard drive storage, a Canon iP6600D ink jet printer, and Abode® Photoshop® software. The slide scanner is a Nikon® 4000 ED, one of the sharpest scanners on the market.

The old Epson 870 printer is now history...the print head went bad, and because the Epson printers do not have user replaceable print heads, I have decided to go with the Canon Pixma iP6600D - so far, so good. The print quality is much better than what the Epson had. BUT...the first iP6600D was bad - would not start, but gave error code 5110...meaning factory service would be required. I simply returned it to the store I bought it from and exchanged it. The second one is working fine so far.

I recently added a Canon Pro 9000 Mk II printer which does a great job and can make prints up to 13x19 inches. The prints look great, but it does use a fair amount of ink!

Please note that the photos on the web sites are heavily compressed, both to make smaller file sizes for quicker downloading, and to prevent or at least discourage pirating! The actual photos are much better than the computer image would show, and of course the copyright and caption info is not on the photo, but rather below the photo in the white space around the edges on the 8.5x11 prints (caption info), and discreetly on the bottom edge of the 4x6 prints!

And of course you must be satisfied with the photos....if not, I will either re-do them, or refund your money upon return of the prints you don't like.


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