Winter Carnival 1968

Here are some photos from the 1968 Winter Carnival. A lot of hard work went into making these statues, and the results were well worth the effort. The theme of this year's Carnival was "Walt Disney's World in Ice". All photos were taken February 1968.

It was common to see various paintings on the walls in the older part of Wadsworth Hall (the areas with drywall for the walls, not cinder block like the newer part had) and  as long as they were done in watercolors and removed soon after Winter Carnival was done, no one minded.

This is referring to my freshman year roommate, Larry Spencer, who was wanting to drop out and return to his home area in Lower Michigan.
More Sleepy Hollow house paintings.
Referring to the name of the house.
So true!
Taken at the Mount Ripley ski hill at night as the skiers carried flares.
"Disney's Snow White - An Apple My Dear?"
"King of Creativity"
"Disney's Search for Beauty"
"From His Pen They Came"
"Scrooge Millionaire Quack"
"Private Tour of Southeast Asia"
"When You Wish Upon a Star"
"Disney Tied the World Together with Laughter"
"Disney - the Educator"
"The Businessman's Helper - The Engineer"
Structural failures did (and likely still do) happen at times. Things happen...... "Five Years Ago I Couldn't Spell Ingineer"
Not sure what happened here - the lettering for the statue had been removed and/or trashed by the time I got this photo.
"Pan to the Rescue"
"Walt's One that Got Away"
"Stroke of Twelve"
"Disney's Plentiful Creativity"
Apparently someone got hassled by the gendarmes and was not impressed by the Copper Country Justice System!
"Trip Through Disneyland - LSD" - another one-nighter statue.
"Christianity isn't Mickey Mouse"

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