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Here you will find my photo albums from the time I was a "toot" at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan from Fall of 1967 until I graduated and moved to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario in December of 1972. Photos are organized by subject such as Winter Carnival 1968, Campus Photos, Dorm Fun, Copper Country scenery, railroads, etc.

What brought this all on was a letter from the Alumni Association saying that it was my class's 40th (!!) anniversary, and then I remembered that I had a lot of slides stashed away that should be scanned and posted for anyone to enjoy and to bring back old memories.

A few years ago I did have some old MTU photos posted, but Cox Cable changed something on their servers that made Front Page built websites not compatible with them, and I hadn't checked those pages for a long time and didn't realize that they were no longer on-line. This website was built with MS Expressions, which is an updated version of Front Page.


Any comments and caption corrections are certainly welcome - I certainly don't pretend to remember all of the details as to the places and names. After all, that was 40+ years ago! I can be reached here: ted-ellis {at} cox {dot} net - thanks.

Now... Prints and/or high resolution .tiff files of these photos are available - email me for details.

 Dorm Fun

Campus Buildings

Alpha Kappa Psi

Winter Carnival 1968

Winter Carnival 1969

Winter Carnival 1970

Winter Carnival 1971

   Copper Country Scenery

Copper Country Railroads


Updated September 29, 2011 with more caption corrections on the "Campus Buildings" page - thanks!

Updated May 27, 2011 with 3 new photos on the "Campus Buildings" page and 2 new ones on the "Dorm Fun" page.

Updated May 26, 2011 with caption corrections - thanks!

Updated May 20, 2011 with more "Copper Country Scenery", "Alpha Kappa Psi", and "Dorm Fun" photos.

Updated March 31, 2011 with some more photos in the "Dorm Fun" section, and new photos added to the "Misc." and "Alpha Kappa Psi" pages.

Updated March 14, 2011 with Winter Carnival 1970 and 1971 photos, and updated caption info for Winter Carnival 1968. 

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This is very much a work in progress and additions will be made as and when I have time.

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